Security - Define security settings.


This view allows you to define security settings.

Security settings are defined in terms of roles and permissions. When a role is assigned to a permission users with the given role will be able to perform tasks associated with the permission on the object.


Assign Roles to Permissions

Roles are listed in columns and permissions are listed in rows. To assign a role to a permission check the checkbox at the intersection of the row and column. You can also manage roles and permissions individually by clicking on their name links.

Create Roles

You can create new roles by entering the role name in the text entry field under the User defined roles heading and clicking the Add Role button. You can delete any existing user defined roles by selecting them from the selection list under the User defined roles heading and clicking the Delete Role button.

Local Roles

You can create and manage local roles by clicking the local roles link.

Assign Permissions to a Role

You can manage the permissions assigned to a role by clicking on the role name.

Assign Roles to a Permission

You can manage the roles assigned to a permission by clicking on the permission name.

Acquire Permissions

The Acquire permission settings check box next to each permission indicates whether this item should inherit security settings for this permission from its container object. The acquired permission settings may be augmented by selecting roles for a permission in addition to selecting to acquire permissions.

You can manage the acquisition of permission settings individually by clicking the Acquire permission settings link.